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2019 High School Seniors- This is for YOU! | Stephanie Hopkins Photography

2019 High School Seniors- This is for YOU! I know most of you are still just working on finishing up your junior year. It’s hard to really focus on anything else, right? Well, I’m calling out all the people who would get an A for Procrastination ( you’re NOT alone!); time seriously FLIES! Spring Break is going to be here before we know it, and then Class of 2018 will be graduating and wait…that means YOU are a SENIOR?!

So here’s the deal. I have been doing senior photography for several years now, and I have seen the trend. You have ALL summer before your senior year starts, so you go on a family vacation. Then you get a summer job (I mean, someone has to pay for gas, trips to the movies, and a few new fun outfits, right?). Then before you know it, August is around the corner, and you start your senior year. That means homework. And meetings for FFA/4H, basketball/volleyball/badminton practice. And you still have that part time job, right? Because you want to be a well rounded student for college applications. Because, who needs actual sleep anyways, right? Whew…

Amidst all that, you start looking at the deadlines on your Senior Year checklist. And on that list? Submitting your senior photo to the yearbook. Also, that dedication page that your parents like to use updated photos for. You figure you’ll get around to it eventually, because it’s August! The deadline isn’t until med December! Plenty of time! Right?

I want to help change this trend a bit. I KNOW you all see ads from photographers (I’m probably one of them!) that offer sessions in the summer time. But you don’t want to do your session in the summer because you don’t feel like you are a “true” senior until you start school in the fall. I get it. But then the longer you wait, a few things happen-

1- The weather changes, and we all get nervous and start checking out weather app like crazy because it may rain!

2- Daylight Savings Time! So you have that last minute session scheduled past November, and you have to have your session at 2pm because the sun goes down at by 4:30! And let’s not forget to mention how flippin COLD it is out there!

3-Because of DST, the only time you can do your session is right after school. Which means you either plead with your parents to let you leave your last class early, or you are rushing over after your last class, in a mad dash to get your hair and make up done and change. Does this sound fun? Nope, not one bit.

4- You try to schedule your session for a weekend date, but they are all booked!

You senior session is designed to be FUN! You have waited 4 years to have an afternoon of pampering, a photo shoot in a beautiful location, in clothes that make you feel like a million bucks! This isn’t something to be rushing to “get over with” and get off your “to do” list!

I have also struggled with the idea of having a senior rep program this year. I love having a dedicated group of girls (guys are awesome, too!) that help me to market my brand and that I make feel extra special in return.  But the honest truth is- I want ALL of my seniors/clients to feel special! I want everyone to have an amazing experience and not feel like they “missed out” on anything.

So!!! Props if you have stuck with me to this point, because its about to get REALLY GOOD!!

I am changing things up BIG TIME for my seniors this year! Ready?2019 High School Seniors- This is for YOU! senior girl posing in rose garden2019 High School Seniors- This is for YOU! senior girl leaning on wood fence 2019 High School Seniors- This is for YOU! senior girl laying down smiling

I am opening up my calendar for dates in June, July, and August. 2 days each week (Tuesday & Thursday). We will have a blast at your session, you will have images to view and order 2 weeks after that, and be ready to submit your yearbook images WAY before the deadline (no more added stress!)

Here’s the BONUS!! When you book your summer session, you will also get a mini session ( a 30 minute session, with 5 edited digital images!) included complimentary! So you can have your photos taken in the Spring of 2019, in the mustard fields, on your family property, or another great location in Sonoma County!

I have some awesome activities in the works, so all of my seniors will have the opportunity to participate in service to others and have fun, too!



2019 High School Seniors- This is for YOU! senior girl in yellow dress sitting in the vineyards 2019 High School Seniors- This is for YOU! senior girl lean against fence with sheep 2019 High School Seniors- This is for YOU! senior girl in white sundress in a meadow 2019 High School Seniors- This is for YOU! senior girl at the beach 2019 High School Seniors- This is for YOU! senior guy sitting in a classic car 2019 High School Seniors- This is for YOU! senior guy leaning against a barn 2019 High School Seniors- This is for YOU! senior guy showing off his family name on a tshirt

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