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Beauty Revived 50 Beautiful Seniors Winner! | Healdsburg, California | Stephanie Hopkins Photography

I am SO proud and excited to finally be able to announce and share this special session! I was selected amongst some of my most talented peers to choose a high school senior who exhibits strength, determination, and represents real beauty. I couldn’t more honored than to work with Adriana she is the Beauty Revived 50 Beautiful Seniors Winner!

In her Mothers own words-

Meet Adriana.

She is beauty revived.

Adriana has always been that kid that a teacher could sit next to the student with behavior or social difficulties. Adriana would have the patience and empathy to help them. She friends those that need a friend (even those who are difficult to friend). Adriana has an amazing heart and love for people. This love is what leads her to serve them. Whether it is working with kids, those on the autism spectrum, seniors in our community, or those with mental illness; Adriana’s heart; her love; her beauty shines.

Adriana (who goes by Adi) works with the kids in her community in many ways. Every summer she has volunteered to teach vacation bible school at her church. She is a part of the vacation bible school team and helps to plan it, set it up, lead the music, and teach a group in this week long day camp. Adi also volunteers to teach the Pre-K and Kindergarten class every Wednesday in her church’s Awana Club program. She goes to school all day, then comes straight from work or cheer practice to teach the little ones. She also tutors elementary students during the school year and in the summer. Her dedication and love she has for teaching the little ones is always inspiring.

Adi’s 14 year old brother is on the autism spectrum. Having a sibling on the autism spectrum has helped her to develop a strong need to educate other about autism. She is in the AM/FM (Art, Music, Film, & Media) program at her high school. One of her projects was to create an art piece that would educate others about something that may not be well known. Her project was called “Sensory Overload.” It was an art piece that tried to give others an idea of what sensory over stimulation that a person on the autism spectrum might encounter in everyday situations. Adriana has also become a “senior buddy” for a freshman student who is on the autism spectrum. She made sure to meet him early on the first day of school to help him find his classes and met up with him at break and lunch so that he had friends to eat with.

Through her high school’s AM/FM program, Adi has participated in the Music and Memory Program in which students spent time with seniors in the dementia unit at our local senior center. She created music playlists and then shared it with the seniors. Working with the seniors was a moving experience for Adi. She was moved to tears knowing she was able to give a few moments of joy to these seniors. She has also participated in arts & crafts, a petting zoo and other activities through 4-H with seniors in our community.

After an incident with a friend who had suicidal thoughts, Adi really felt the need to help those who feel hopeless. She joined the Bring to Change Mind Club at her high school. Bring Change to Mind helps give her a platform to raise awareness of issues around mental health. The goal is to educate and empower and create a community of support for those with mental illness.  Adi is the president of her school’s chapter of Bring Change to Mind.

Bring Change to Mind is a nonprofit organization dedicated to encouraging dialogue about mental health, and to raising awareness, understanding, and empathy

Adriana’s heart, love and service to others is beauty revived. When asked where her love of others comes from her response “…because God first loved me.”


Hair & Makeup done by Megan Hadden

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Beauty Revived 50 Beautiful Seniors Winner! in the rose garden Beauty Revived 50 Beautiful Seniors Winner! walking in the garden Beauty Revived 50 Beautiful Seniors Winner! close up of senior Beauty Revived 50 Beautiful Seniors Winner! black and white of senior girl next to brick wall Beauty Revived 50 Beautiful Seniors Winner! senior girl in front of SHED Beauty Revived 50 Beautiful Seniors Winner! senior girl in industrial area

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