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I love random connections!

This story is full of them! It all started when my dear friendor Samantha from So Eventful messaged me about her cousin and his fiancé, who were in the process of wedding planning and next up was finding a photographer. So while I am chatting with Shelby by email that next week, our heater goes out (let me tell you, you don’t know cold until it hits your bones!) and Furia (the cousin, Justin’s last name) Heating comes to save the day!

Wait, it gets better!

They sign their contract with me, and I am shocked to find out they live on the same street as me! Yep…so cool!

Well, we chatted about where to do their engagement session, and decided that going to Bodega for a beach session sounded perfect (they are getting married on the beach next year!) and since they live down the street, they just picked me up on the way out of town. It was SO fun having that extra time to get to know them! I also learned that I know one of Justin’s childhood friends, who will also be in the wedding (yep, Rob…you get to pose for me again! Just less Zoolander this time around lol)

I loved giving them prompts and then just letting them be them…such a beautiful, fun couple! And they are huge Friends fans like me, so yeah 🙂

We got so lucky- you never know what kind of weather you will get when driving out to the coast. While we were met with an overcast sky, it was just the right kind of overcast! A nice little breeze and a pretty empty beach. When we had chatted about wardrobe, Shelby mentioned that she was used to seeing girls where flowy dresses for shoots. But she is much more of a casual girl! I loved that we went against the “norm”…and loved her choice of jeans and a super cute white sweater! Justin rocked it in a plum button down ( you like how fancy I got with my choice of color wording?)

All in all, I had so much fun and it makes me even more excited for their wedding next year!!

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Bodega Engagement Session couple posing on bridge
Bodega Engagement Session  couple kissing and walking hand in hand down bridge
Bodega Engagement Session couple being playful on bridge
Bodega Engagement Session  couple kissing
Bodega Engagement Session couple kissing and ring details
Bodega Engagement Session couple on sand
Bodega Engagement Session guy picking up girl on the sand
Bodega Engagement Session intimate moment
Bodega Engagement Session  girl kissing guy while getting a piggyback ride
Bodega Engagement Session cuddling under a blanket
Bodega Engagement Session sweet moment cuddling
Bodega Engagement Session cuddling together
Bodega Engagement Session closeup of details
Bodega Engagement Session sitting on a log on the beach
Bodega Engagement Session standing in the dunes
Bodega Engagement Session couple walking away kissing

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