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When I have a consult with a bride, one of the biggest pain points I hear about is bridesmaids dresses, and I totally get it! I got married 6 years ago and I remember being so excited to have my girls with me, but then almost immediately overwhelmed about picking a dress that would fit 4 different body shapes, and still have them all feel beautiful and confident in it ( and, you know…something they could wear again! Ah, 27 Dresses…such a funny movie!)

Well, I just might have the best place for custom bridesmaid dresses! eShakti!

So, imagine this- you find a dress you love, but you want it longer? Add sleeves? A v neck? Done! For an additional $9.95 you can put in your own specific measurements and they will literally make it tailored just for you!

Options for tailored sizing for bridesmaids dresses

They adjust the dress according to your height, complimentary!!!

Screen where you input your height

Full dress customization

I LOVE how they show a live view when you click each option! For instance, this dress came with a “jewel” or high round neck. I do love how it looks on the model, but I already know I prefer v necks. Check out how many options they have for that!?

And I *might* have saved the best for last here- yep, you read it right! The dress COMES WITH POCKETS!!! This kinda made my day!

Custom dress options including pockets

I actually just placed my order for a dress for a wedding I am attending, and I love how on your account, you can follow on to see the progress!

Custom dress timeline

This is not a sponsored blog, I just love sharing things I know could be a game changer- there are a million decisions to be made while planning a wedding, hopefully this knocks one thing off the list! And heck, even if you aren’t looking for bridesmaid dress, this is a great way to have a custom dress for any occasion!

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