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I met Lauren for the first time at Haley’s wedding! I walked into the room where Haley’s dress was hanging to start taking getting ready shots, and Lauren (one of her bridesmaids) was in the room. She exclaimed “Oh my gosh! Are you Stephanie?? I LOVE your work! When I get engaged I am contacting you!” Little did she know that Terry already had plans in the works, and a few months later, I got a very exciting email! Fast forward to last weekend when we met and took their¬†Engagement Photos at Mount Tamalpais!

Lauren and Terry share a love of the outdoors. Hiking, camping, kayaking (they even started their own company North Coast Fishing Tours!). So it only made sense to do their session high on a mountain top! Whats tricky is telling someone where to meet you…there are only a million different spots to go to! Lauren literally sent me a pin of their location, and away I went!

What a gorgeous view we had! One side of the mountain showed off the beach, and the Gold Gate Bridge peaked over the from the other side. You could easily get lost hiking at Mt Tam for hours. I don’t know how we got lucky, but there was zero wind. It was cold, but Lauren and Terry just cuddled and braved it!

It may sound crazy, but I think my favorite part of their session was he very end. We were walking back to the parking lot, and we looked off the left and saw some park benches. We walked over, and there was a clearing with tall thin trees, and the sunset off in the distance. Plus, it was covered a bit so it was a bit warmer! That last 5 minutes was just amazing! These two are so sweet together, it was such an honor to document that!


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