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You just never know how you are going to meet your next bride! Bri and I met at a wedding last year, then worked an event together a few months ago. She started working as a wedding planner full time with So Eventful and I got to take her headshots! By this point, we realized how much fun we had together, so when she messaged me about shooting her engagement photos in Sonoma County, I was over the moon excited!

I hadn’t met her fiancé yet, and something I’ve learned doing photography the last couple of years- men are not usually fans of having their picture taken. And I can totally understand that! When Nick and I met, he was standing outside his car, putting his Giants jersey on (they wanted a few photos in their jerseys together)…and at that point I knew we would get along just fine! We joked a bit about how dirty it was (you know, sometimes beer spills a little!) and then headed out on a trail near Spring Lake.

We had almost rescheduled this shoot since the rain was supposed to hit Sonoma County hard over the weekend. But on Saturday afternoon, I saw the sun come out and just had an inkling (does anyone actually use that word anymore? Writing it made me feel old!) that we would be kicking ourselves if we didn’t keep the session. I am SO glad we did, it was a beautiful evening! The sunset was amazing, and other than some fun flying insects (seriously, why must they always try to fly in your face???) it was such a fun session.

On our way back down the hill, I told them I was thinking about a shot of them laying down in the grass (weeds?) and asked if they were game. It’s always so fun for me to be able to get creative, and they were all for it! The last shot of the night was one of my favorites for sure!

I am so excited for your wedding!!

Sonoma County Engagement Photos in Giants jerseys Sonoma County Engagement Photos closeup of ring in Giants jerseys Sonoma County Engagement Photos hugging under a tree Sonoma County Engagement Photos holding hands under the trees Sonoma County Engagement Photos sitting in the grass with sunset behind them Sonoma County Engagement Photos walking in a field at sunset Sonoma County Engagement Photos couple kissing in nature Sonoma County Engagement Photos sweet smile Sonoma County Engagement Photos laying in a field of wildflowers

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