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Epic Proposal in Sonoma | Sonoma, California | Stephanie Hopkins Photography

I love being a part of each proposal I’m called upon to photograph (like this one!) , and I am always so impressed with the lengths these men will go to really make things special! When Jon contacted me and told me the details, I was in awe of his well thought out plan of this epic proposal in Sonoma!

This is the first proposal I have captured where there were two locations, so in essence, two surprises! First, the musician he hired to play LOTR (one of her favorites) and I were to meet at a winery in Sonoma to capture the actual proposal. I would then stay for a few moments, say my goodbyes (or so she thought!) and then leave them to enjoy the moment while I headed off to location #2! This was a GORGEOUS home in the back country of Sebastopol, where family would be waiting for them to arrive to celebrate! Her family lives in Connecticut so he flew them in!

We have had quite the heat wave in Sonoma and Napa County the last month, so I was very thrilled to arrive at the winery and see that the area he would be using to propose was shaded by trees! It really was perfect!

I shot the special moment, and then Jon made the comment that he knew I had to head out for another job and thanked me, winked to acknowledge that he WAS the other job, and we were on our way!

Then came the fun part. The house he rented was quite a trek! There was a point where I got nervous that we were possibly lost and would miss the moment entirely. Thankfully my husband got us there safely and we had 10 minutes to spare before the big reveal! It was so cute to see the parents and siblings from both sides so excited, definitely a favorite moment of the night to watch Mom and daughter hug and then walk off to spend a special moment together.

Such a fun afternoon, that ended with a great date night with my husband at HopMonk…I call that a win!

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