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So, to break the ice a bit about this conversation, I thought I’d let you know- I feel like this question is very similar to the “What’s for dinner?” predicament we deal with every day! Seriously…with SO DANG MANY options, it can be so hard to pick! Hopefully this blog will help you narrow things down a bit (Dinner? yeah, I still have no clue!) about how to plan your outfits for your senior photos!

How to Plan Your Outfits for Your Senior Photos

Unless you and your sister or BFF are the EXACT same size, it’s best to bring (or buy) your own clothing.

Why? Because there is nothing less comfortable than constantly pulling at a shirt or dress because its too short, too tight, or way too loose. This session is about YOU! Your clothing should make you FEEL amazing and fit you like a glove 🙂

**Want a sweet deal? Oh La Luxe (a gorgeous clothing boutique, located in Healdsburg and Santa Rosa) is offering a 20% discount to my clients! Just mention that you are working with me and they will be happy to help you!

How to Plan Your Outfits for Your Senior Photos

Bra straps! Yes, even the clear ones (the sun reflects off them).

If you are planning on wearing a sleeveless top or dress, make sure you bring or just wear a strapless bra to your session. I am all about details and having to repeatedly press pause on the session to put straps back in place just gives us less shooting time.

How to Plan Your Outfits for Your Senior Photos

Multiple outfits=multiple pairs of shoes!

Don’t forget when you are laying out your outfits, to pick a pair of shoes that not only goes with each, but will make sense to wear at the location you will be wearing that out fit at. High heels might be a pain to wear if we have to do any hiking 🙂

Have more questions? I have a FAQ page on my website, along with a look into my studio!

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