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After weeks of emails back and forth, messaging wineries and making plans, we finally made this Inglenook Winery Proposal happen!

It’s funny how SO MUCH PLANNING goes into what seems like such a simple moment. But the look on her face says its all worth it!

I was sitting outside, downstairs from where the fountain is. This was the plan; he would come outside with her after their tasting for a tour and to walk the grounds…they would end up in front of the fountain, and BAM- down on one knee. But it was a Saturday, which meant there were busses of tourists coming and going, and each group wanted photos in front of said fountain! For a while, I wasn’t worried; they would take a photo or two and then move on. But then an elderly gentleman came…with his cane, and sat down. Right. In. Front. Then I got nervous- I reallllly didn’t want to ask him to move. Thankfully, one of the winery guides came up to chat with him, and he found another spot 🙂

A couple came down to where I was sitting and asked me if they could sit down or if something was about to happen- so I filled them in and told them they could totally stay. They got so excited! It cracked me up, as I was waiting they were making comments quietly (it was like having Mystery Science Theatre giving their commentary). I waited until my client looked over and gave him a thumbs up, he nodded (the couple said “ok, he has confirmed it’s on”) and then magic happened! It was such a sweet moment, and it was made even sweeter after she said yes and tourists everywhere started cheering and clapping! Even the winery guide was tearing up!

I hope you both had an incredible weekend in Wine Country!

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Inglenook Winery Proposal guy down on one knee in front of fountain
Inglenook Winery Proposal she said yes!
Inglenook Winery Proposal newly engaged couple kissing in front of fountain
Inglenook Winery Proposal looking and ring and all the people who had cheered for them
Inglenook Winery Proposal still in shock over proposal
Inglenook Winery Proposal walking down to table to enjoy some champagne
Inglenook Winery Proposal enjoying the shade of a grove of trees
Inglenook Winery Proposal newly engaged couple standing under a grove of trees
Inglenook Winery Proposal close up of woman smiling after proposal
Inglenook Winery Proposal couple walking in front of opening at winery
Inglenook Winery Proposal ring shot and couple hugging in the vineyard
Inglenook Winery Proposal couple walking down the road entrance to winery
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