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He told her there was a strict dress code (there wasn’t). When they arrived and she saw other people in casual dress, she KNEW something was up. Meanwhile, I was about 1/4 mile up the road, setting up rose petals in the shape of a heart, and taking in the gorgeous view looking over the valley. Tyler and I had been texting for weeks, working on this day (we had to change the date once due to weather, and then I joked that he brought the snow to Sonoma County from Illinois!) and I honestly don’t think we could have asked for a better moment for this Kuleto Estate Proposal!

I did learn something though- making a heart out of flower petals isn’t as easy as it seems! And then the wind would randomly pick up. It was like nature just HAD to have a little chuckle! A few planes passed over as I was working, and I kind of wondered how the heart looked from their point of view (probably like a dot lol).

Stacey’s reaction was so sweet, I started to tear up! It really was so romantic, watching the two of them have their moment. I couldn’t hear anything he said, but it still gave me chills as he got down on one knee! Yep, no matter how many proposals I photograph, I’m SUCH a sucker!

And that ring! I had to remind myself that I needed to take pictures of them, because I could have taken shots of that bling all day!

Lastly, these two. I loved their banter, the laughing and smiling that just happened naturally, and how Tyler kept making sure her ring was front and center. I mean, he worked really hard to make it all happen, I don’t blame him!

I had such a blast, you two! I hope you enjoyed Napa and San Francisco! And safe travels back home 🙂

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