Briana G.

"Stephanie is professional, fun, and has a great eye! I love her sense of humor and the way she put us at ease!" 

I went to college thinking I wanted to be a teacher, only to realize what I really wanted was to be a Mom! While in one of my child development courses, I met this amazing lady with 3 kids who I fell in love with! I ended up moving in with their family for 2 years and becoming their nanny! I had a "fancy" DSLR camera and took a TON of photos of those kids...I'm sure their parents had drawers full!
A few years later, I had my own daughter, who I then spent way too much on rolls of film photographing! I couldn't get enough :)
After going through a divorce, I pulled myself together and went back to school to get my phlebotomy license, so I could better raise my daughter as a single Mom. I LOVED my job, my patients, and the hospital community. 
It was 6 years ago, when I met my husband online, and got married, that I remembered just how much I loved photography and that maybe I could add it back as a hobby. 4 years ago, when I got pregnant with our son, we made the decision that I would stay home with him, and make photography my career! I feel so fortunate that I have had the chance to watch Mason learn and grow, and watch my business flourish as well!

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