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Would you believe this proposal at Blankiet Winery was actually done in a driveway?

I joked with Kevin after the fact that if he would have started with that, I might have had to question him just a tad! But seriously…while the driveway leading up to the winery gate is about a 10 minute drive, the driveway leading up to the Castello made it all worth it!

So, the plan-

Kevin had made great plans with the staff at the winery, to do a private tasting. Meanwhile, I would show up and be outside (hanging out in the mentioned driveway) with another staff member. The idea was that I would be a random photographer, hired by the winery to take some detail shots for them, so it wouldn’t be weird or obvious that I was just hanging out out front. Then, they would come outside with the tasting manager, who would take a few photos for them. My cue was when the manager said “ok, just one more photo” (while he switched to video) and BAM!

You guys, her reaction was so great!

What was funny was after the fact, when they were rewatching the video, apparently she she said “No!” lol! But what she meant was more like ” No way, is this really happening right now?” Her phone went flying, the whole bit! I was so thrilled to be there, it may sound super corny but I mean ever word- I am so honored to be a part of these special moments!

I was so thrilled that this weird May weather (it had been raining all week!) eased up just for this day…it was partly cloudy, just a perfect day for a proposal in Wine Country!

And a side note about the Winery- I get a LOT of requests for proposals done at Castello di Amorosa…its a gorgeous winery, for sure, but has a ton of tourist traffic. Blankiet is a gorgeous, off the beaten path experience! I am so thankful to have had the chance to photograph a proposal at Blankiet Winery (their first!)

Can’t get enough? Check out THIS proposal!

Proposal at Blankiet Winery detail shots of Castello
Proposal at Blankiet Winery right before the proposal
Proposal at Blankiet Winery down on one knee!
Proposal at Blankiet Winery she said yes!
Proposal at Blankiet Winery her shock as he puts on the ring
Proposal at Blankiet Winery happy moments post proposal
Proposal at Blankiet Winery checking out the Castello
Proposal at Blankiet Winery walking together in front of the Castello doors
Proposal at Blankiet Winery detail shots of ring and the walkway
Proposal at Blankiet Winery laughing in the vineyard
Proposal at Blankiet Winery wide shot in vineyard
Proposal at Blankiet Winery cuddling in the vineyard
Proposal at Blankiet Winery hand in hand walking in the vineyard row
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