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It’s rare, when in Sonoma County, to hear someone say that they have never been wine tasting before. So when Andrew told me he and Emily were visiting Northern California for a bike tour in Healdsburg, I knew right where to send them for this proposal- Cast Wines! I think having a tailored, personal experience at a winery that is off the beaten path just adds so much meaning…and proposing in a vineyard was his vision, so it really was the perfect setting!

Some of my favorite moments- after he got down on one knee, she leaned over and her face was hidden by her hat- so he actually told her to look up so I could capture her reaction clearly! The great part was that it didn’t ruin the moment at all, her reaction was so sweet! Also, how often do you get proposed to and then moments later, get to saber a champagne bottle? Heck yeah! She nailed it on the first try! Lastly, during their paired tasting, they opened the menu and saw that Cast had personalized it for them. Truly, such a nice touch!

I get to meet some amazing couples and hear great stories about how they met, it just melts my heart to be there in that moment with them!

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Proposal at Cast Wines venue detail shots
Proposal at Cast Wines tasting tour
Proposal at Cast Wines proposal in the vineyards
Proposal at Cast Wines
Couple hugging after proposal
Couple kissing in a vineyard row
Woman reacting post proposal
Woman emotional post proposal
Guide showing how to saber bottle
Proposal at Cast Wines
Sabering a champagne bottle to celebrate
Proposal at Cast Wines Enjoying a toast
Walking in the vineyards
Ring and bottle detail shots
Proposal at Cast Wines tasting
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