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This proposal at Cline Cellars was a little out of the norm for several reasons-

1- While Michael was the one planning the proposal, his girlfriend was the one planning the weekend’s itinerary! Let’s just say plans changed several times, even up to the moment I arrived lol Its ok, I know how to think on my feet!

2- About an hour before I was to be there, our town of Healdsburg (along with neighboring areas) got word that we were under mandatory evacuation due to the fast growing #kincadefire nearby. We had until 4pm to be out of town! Thankfully, I was able to run to Napa, shoot this proposal, and then head home with an hour to spare to pack and head out with my family!

I had been to Cline before several years ago to help a friend shoot a wedding, but had never seen the front side of the property– its so beautiful! They have incredible lawns and water fountains…and it was such a beautiful day!

Like I said above, Michael’s girlfriend had made the itinerary- a whole big group of friends was wine tasting for the weekend.

So thankfully, I had help from several friends who were “in the know” on scouting a spot. BUT! In the end, I kind of just chased after the couple ( I was hiding behind a small building while I waited for them to arrive, and a Mom and her daughter saw me and gave me a weird look…I’m sure I looked so silly!).

So proud of Michael for pulling this off! That ring is INCREDIBLE! Definitely one of the most unique I have ever photographed 🙂 And how fun to have all your best friends right there to immediately celebrate with!

Congrat’s, you two!

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