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I often get asked if I know of a winery with a view, one that offers a more quiet atmosphere- well guys, this proposal at Gustafson Family Vineyards has both!

I always laugh a little when I realize just how silly it must look when I have to hide! I got up to the top of the hill and got all set up behind a tree- and then stayed really quiet and listened for my couple coming with their wine tasting guide. Well, I was expecting them to come from one direction, and they came from another! I was literally hiding behind a wall with slats, just hoping I wasn’t making any noise! A dog that belonged to the winery had followed them up there, and I said a little prayer that the dog wouldn’t sniff me out and start barking lol

As you can see, all went just fine! And the view is incredible! The vineyards, the bridge at Lake Sonoma…yep, its worth the little 5 minute hike 🙂

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