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I have seen this trend lately, upping the surprise proposal ante…by having family and friends there as a double surprise! I love it! Such a fun group at this proposal at Hanna Winery in Healdsburg!

So, truth be told, this was the first gig I’ve ever gotten by someone finding me through an Instagram hashtag! I know I’m getting old, but this truly is the new way to connect with people so it was fun to have it happen so organically!

Andrew’s sister connected us, and we met up with Shelby at the tasting room a few weeks ahead of time to come up with our game plan! Such a gorgeous winery out in the back roads of Healdsburg!

The day of, I drove up and met a big group of very excited family! It was so fun to listen to them chat about what was about to happen, and both Moms were glowing!

I took a few detail shots of the property (the tasting room is gorgeous! All lined with windows so you can take in the view while you sip your favorite wine!)and then headed down to the sitting area where it was planned I would act like a tourist enjoying the view ( because yeah, no one would notice the two huge cameras I had connected to me and think anything was up, right?!). Andrew had sent a WAZE so we could follow along with how far away he was, and he arrived right on time. Then came the funny part (for me…no one else knew til later!). The chair I was sitting in was an adirondack chair. Ever sit in one of those? It dips far back, and is obviously meant for one to sit back and relax to enjoy wine and conversation. Not meant to sit in when you might have to leap up into action at any moment! lol…let’s just say, I got the shots I needed, but I’m sure I looked so silly trying to get out of the chair gracefully!

One of my favorite shots, aside from Kat’s reaction of course, was when they were walking back to greet family and Kat put her arms in the air and yelled “woo-hoo”, when one of the guests asked, “what did you say? Was it a yes?”

I know I say it often, but I mean it every time- shooting these once in a lifetime moments is SUCH an honor! Congrats, you two!! Woo-hoo!!!

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Proposal at Hanna Winery tasting room Proposal at Hanna Winery private party Proposal at Hanna Winery  Proposal at Hanna Winery greeted by family Proposal at Hanna Winery cheers

  1. Shelby

    July 10th, 2018 at 7:18 pm

    Stephanie! Your pictures are beautiful! Your timing is impeccable for capturing the emotions being displayed.

    Congratulation to andrew and Kat!!! Thank you for choosing HANNA Winery!

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    July 29th, 2018 at 6:17 pm

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