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Proposal at Inglenook Winery | Rutherford, California

I had such a great time shooting this proposal at Inglenook Winery! A gorgeous venue in Napa Valley, wonderful, happy clients, and an excited family waiting in the wings!

When I arrived to the winery, there was a separate welcome area to check in at. Keep in mind that I hadn’t met the couple in person yet. I get out of my car as another couple gets out of their car, and as I walk to the building to check in, they were right behind me. I get to the desk and try to be discrete about my reasoning for being there; what if the couple behind me was THE couple? I didn’t want to give anything away! Thankfully, they were already in the winery doing a tasting! That other couple probably thought I was nuts or something!

I was granted access and headed down the road to park, and found a group outside. It was both sides of the family! They were going to hide in a nearby Bistro and watch the action and then run out to surprise her. So fun! They had signs ready and everything 🙂

We had a few logistical issues that we were able to solve quickly (the Inglenook staff was so helpful!) , and wow…could that area with the vines hanging down be any more perfect for a moment like this?

It was fun to watch and listen to her be so excited/happy/confused/in shock of what was happening! First, a proposal (on their 5th year anniversary!) and then all of a sudden family is running over from their hiding spots behind bistro menus!

It was so funny, listening to him explain all the things he had to do to get her there, wearing that dress, and she just stood there in shock, asking a million questions. I know the best part for every guy is the moment its over and they can breathe a sigh of relief that their plan worked and they can just relax again!

I am so fortunate to have a job where I get to share in such an amazing experience. I get so nervous and excited, too! Want to see more sweet proposal moments I have shot? Check here, here and here!

Proposal at Inglenook Winery entrance Proposal at Inglenook Winery chateau Proposal at Inglenook Winery family waiting at Bistro Proposal at Inglenook Winery about to pop the question Proposal at Inglenook Winery proposal Proposal at Inglenook Winery proposing Proposal at Inglenook Winery proposal excitment Proposal at Inglenook Winery family surprises them Proposal at Inglenook Winery family arrives Proposal at Inglenook Winery group photo Proposal at Inglenook Winery ring shot Proposal at Inglenook Winery new fiances Proposal at Inglenook Winery property

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