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Proposal at J Wine | Healdsburg, California

Never a dull moment over here! I had the best time helping Kyle do some local research (he and his now fiance are from the Chicago area) to find a great winery to propose at.  Tim and I did some sight seeing through Healdsburg, Windsor and Forestville. It amazes me each time I am called to shoot a proposal, just how many wineries I haven’t heard of yet. Just give me another year of this, and I should have most of them memorized (right?)! After all was said and done, we decided to actually go back to the original idea of the proposal at J Wine. There is a beautiful little garden right off the driveway that provided some shade and more intimate feeling, while still giving some amazing views of the vineyards.

So many funny snafus happened! First, our plan was for them to arrive to the winery at 1:30pm. I got a text from Kyle just after 1pm that they were on their way. Their driver was just TOO efficient! Thankfully, I live like 4 minutes down the street so I just grabbed my camera and jumped in the car! My plan is always to arrive about 15 minutes earlier than the couple so I can set up and such. Kyle was a quick thinker and went to get a tasting so I could do that. I arrived, set up and pretended to be taking photos in the designated area. A lady walks up, and comments on how this would be the perfect place to have a little picnic while she waits. I kindly asked if she could wait until after the proposal. She got all excited and told me she was happy to find a new lunch spot ( later I found out that she was their driver! And she had no clue about the proposal!). Then, a couple walks out there, and I got a little nervous because I didn’t think it was them, but what if it was? So I started shooting them behind a bush! Next, two guys walked out there, and by that time I am trying to keep my laughter in, because I feel like every time someone walks out there I am ready to shoot them! The guys assured me they weren’t my clients and we had a good laugh.

Finally, my actual clients arrived! I seriously have the best job. I always get so nervous right beforehand with this type of shoot, but its equally as exciting to be there in the moment with them. Nicki was so cute, she just kept saying how she couldn’t believe it! And that ring? Let me tell ya, some of these rocks deserve their own shoot! Then the couple was off to their next tasting at Rodney Strong…I loved the grand staircase up to the tasting room!

Lastly, this day was extra sweet for me as it was mine and my husbands 5 year wedding anniversary! I told Kyle and Nicki that September 22nd was a good day for love! Congrats, you two!

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Proposal at J Wine garden entrance Proposal at J Wine vineyard view Proposal at J Wine entrance Proposal at J Wine garden sign Proposal at J Wine getting ready to propose Proposal at J Wine proposing Proposal at J Wine proposal Proposal at J Wine newly engaged Proposal at J Wine in the vineyards Proposal at J Wine sweet couple Proposal at J Wine Rodney Strong staircase Proposal at J Wine sweet kiss Proposal at J Wine ring shot and staircase


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