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When you plan a proposal in the winter time in Northern California, the odds of rain are high-but just wait until you hear this story! This proposal at Kistler Vineyards was so much fun, and we didn’t let the rain ruin anything!

The original plan was for me to arrive fairly early. Someone from the winery would take me up to this special spot up in a hill with a tree, surrounded by vineyards, with gorgeous rolling hills. Only problem was, with rain in the forecast, it wasn’t safe to drive up there. Plan B was to use a room upstairs, with great natural light (but I knew a vineyard view was a big deal!). I noticed that there was a door that opened to a balcony that overlooked the back of the house, and it was a gorgeous view!

The winery staff helped me to get set up, and then I noticed that the weather *might* be clearing?!? We made up an excuse for Aalok to leave the tasting and come meet me to chat logistics. He quickly agreed with me when I offered the balcony area! We were all set. I hid in a closet near the balcony, and had to laugh when I saw there was a small window I could open to see everything while staying hidden! I only wish there would have been a way to capture me lol. The clouds parted, it was so amazing!!

The best part of the day was the moment the proposal happened, because apparently she is hard to surprise…they are always trying to mess with each other- so normally, the person proposing might turn to the other person, say a few words and then get don on one knee. Nope, Aalok had to shock her quick! They walked out on the balcony, and she was texting her Mom to answer a question, and BAM! She was in shock, and he was SO happy he nailed it!

Then the rain decided to return, so we just went with it! I had so much fun with these two!

Just in case you can’t get enough of my proposal work- HERE is another fun one!

Proposal at Kistler Vineyards surprise!
Proposal at Kistler Vineyards she is in shock!
Proposal at Kistler Vineyards  she said yes!
Proposal at Kistler Vineyards fun reaction after proposal
Proposal at Kistler Vineyards couple hugging after proposal
Proposal at Kistler Vineyards couple standing on front porch and ring shot on wine cork
Proposal at Kistler Vineyards photos in the rain
Proposal at Kistler Vineyards jumping for joy
Proposal at Kistler Vineyards posing in front of the hill where the proposal was supposed to happen
Proposal at Kistler Vineyards dancing in front of red doors of tasting room

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