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Well guys, this proposal at Pebble Beach was quite the fun adventure (and not just for the couple!).

See, the beginning of January is the start of my slow season. It’s usually the time when my family takes a little mini vacation before the kids are back in school. This year, we had made a plan to head to Yosemite (my first time!) to take a tour with the kids and meet up with friends who were headed through California as full time RV’ers (check out their website HERE!)

The day before we were set to leave, I got an email from a past client who I had done a proposal for earlier in 2019. He connected me to a friend of his from work who was planning a proposal of his own! He asked if I was available that weekend-and when I found out it was on the day we would be heading home, I got a little too excited at the possibility of adding a little detour to our trip!

Thankfully, my husband is always up for an adventure (he is the driver, thank goodness!) so on Sunday morning we packed up early and headed out from Fresno to Monterey!

I grew up in Northern California, so when I think of beaches, it’s really more the “Coast”. Bodega Bay and Jenner are just about an hour away, and it tends to be cold and overcast. Pebble Beach was the opposite! The blue water was incredible! And the sand was white and so soft and thin. We parked and got out of the car and immediately I started to capture the gorgeousness 🙂

Funny side story- I was all set to capture “the moment”, when another couple was walking by, totally unaware of what was going on. They kept walking closer and closer, and I started to get a little nervous that they were going to walk right in front of me. Thankfully I was able to catch the girls’ eye, and she caught on real quick and grabbed her husband and walked behind me. We exchanged a quick knowing smile, and then I was off and running, clicking away.

Possibly the best part of this story though is the specific location- when Garauv sent me the pin, he mentioned it was a smaller beach that wasn’t as clearly labeled, and that he had found it like 10 years ago while on a road trip…to think he had saved this spot for that long, knowing it would be a great location to share in the future, well- WOW! He was right!

This proposal at Pebble Beach was the perfect way to start 2020!

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