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What’s one of the best ways to make sure a proposal is truly a surprise?

Plan it around another big event so the focus is on that 🙂 Craig and Corrie were coming for Bottlerock in Napa and Craig decided that would be a great time to also pop the question! And he was right! He reserved a table for a proposal at Rutherford Hill Winery.

Each proposal I do, I try to find ways to make it seem less weird that I am there with a camera.

much easier to stalk people when they don’t you are stalking them lol. This time around, I told Craig I would be waiting at the picnic tables, and to come ask me to take a photo of them with their phone. To MY surprise, Corrie had the idea on her own and SHE came over to ask me!

I love their story-

Corrie has known Craig’s Mom for years, and when she and Craig finally met and he asked her out, she told him that her friendship with his Mom was too important to just casually date him. His reply? He wasn’t interested in casually dating her…and just a few months later, she has a ring on her finger to prove it!

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Proposal at Rutherford Hill Winery detail shots
Proposal at Rutherford Hill Winery down on one knee
Proposal at Rutherford Hill Winery surprised
surprise proposal
When she realized I was there for her proposal
She was so shocked!
Sitting on winery steps
Bottle with ring
Posing in front of the view
Ring with hat

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