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Surprise Proposal in Healdsburg | Healdsburg, California| Stephanie Hopkins Photography

Have you ever been to Bear Republic in Healdsburg? My husband is a self proclaimed beer snob (only good craft beer will do!) and before he met me, the only time he had visited my small town was to go to “The Bear”. We go there often for date night because the food is pretty amazing, too! So when Peter called me up to devise this proposal in Healdsburg and told me he wanted to propose on the bridge that leads to The Bear, I knew the spot!

The hardest part of any proposal you are trying to get photographed is knowing the exact moment you will be there…like at this proposal shoot


And then there is convincing your soon-to-be-fiance (who doesn’t know it yet!) that you need to stop unpacking and running errands in time to make it up to Healdsburg for a “date night” at a place you’ve been meaning to check out.

Only issue when I arrived? I must have walked this area a million times and never realized there are 3 bridges that lead up to The Bear! 3!!! I quickly texted Peter and then just paced back and forth waiting for a couple matching their description to appear. Thankfully, they picked the bridge I was 99% sure was ” the one”!

Then the magic happened…it was an honor to watch and to document! I could hear people coming up behind me whispering “I think he is going to propose!” “Do you see this?” “How sweet!” And it really was! She just kept looking at him in disbelief, then smiling, then hugging…couldn’t have asked for a better moment!

I think the only thing that would have made the night better was if I could have had date night that night, too! It was so tempting just to follow them into the restaurant!

I’ll definitely never look at that bridge the same way again! Congrats, you two!

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