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From the moment Aimee slid into my DM’s, I knew her same sex proposal at Cast Wines was going to be amazing! She was so thoughtful about each decision, staying in contact with me through some crazy life happenings.

Funny story (ok, maybe not funny…but isn’t that phrase weird?)–

She hadn’t told me her girlfriends name yet, and mentioned that the date might have to change because they had to go to the VA for a mass they had found. This whole time I had thought she meant her girlfriend had cancer! I told her I would drop everything and help them elope! She then clarified that she was talking about her DOG! Their dig is their baby and it was really important that she be a part of the proposal as well (Still sad, poor girl! But as you can see in the photos, she is still with us!). Anyways, between that, the weather, the fires, and the ring having to get sent back to get fixed- we FINALLY got to get this show on the road!

Yes, it rained…

Darn November weather-so unpredictable! And there was a moment when I thought I might miss “the moment” (I was hiding in a room off to the side of the “Winemakers Perch” and was waiting to pop out to capture the proposal when the original plan got changed a bit and they all went on a tour first- I stayed put and kept in contact with the tour guide to ensure NOTHING happened without me!)

I have to admit, the rain made the moment even more intimate! They learned how to saber a champagne bottle, and then huddled under an umbrella where the rain poured as they cried tears of joy.

I can’t thank Cast Wines and Duff (the tour guide) enough for making these moments so special! And to my couple- I could have stayed and chatted for hours! And your hugs were the best! So so thrilled for you all!

Want to see a proposal at Cast in the summer? Click HERE! And HERE is a same sex wedding I did just an hour away this past fall 🙂

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