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Senior Photos in Cloverdale | Cloverdale, California

I love getting to know each of my senior reps a little better! While the group rep sessions are so fun, its really fun to see how they chose to have their own hair done, the clothes they pick, and the little parts of the session that they personalize to make it that more special. Alyce chose to do her senior photos in Cloverdale, which was so much fun for me! Fun, new locations make me happy!

First though, we started with hair and makeup at my studio! It was so fun to hang out with Alyce’s Mom, Jennifer, while Alyce got some special attention from Mary Donaghy. I put on some old Friends episodes and found that in addition to loving Friends, they are also fans of Grey’s Anatomy (I just finished watching all the seasons again on Netflix for like the 6th time…yeah, just a LITTLE bit of a fan myself!). Mary finished up and wow! Alyce was glowing!

Up next was a stop in Asti at a church with some cool architecture, and then off to Cloverdale! Alyce may come off as shy, but she warms up fast and was SO fun to work with! I loved her sweet serene smile, her giggles and her playful nature! Then she surprised me and put on her pointe shoes! I LOVE how graceful ballet dancers are. I once dreamed of being a ballet dancer. I think I saw Center Stage in the movie theatre about 4 times! Never seen that movie? I’m not sure how “huge” of a fan base it had, but I loved all the dancing! It was so great having her show off some moves!

I think my favorite part of the night though was when Alyce laid down in the weeds (I asked nicely!) and she gave me some of the best facial expressions ever! The night air was so perfect ( it gets HOT in Cloverdale in the summer, so we were all thankful for a cool evening) and if the sun hadn’t gone down I could have just kept shooting! This girl is sweet and funny, and I don’t think she realizes just how beautiful she is!

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