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We all know guys don’t usually like dealing with having their pictures taken. Then add on the fact that Brandyn had JUST injured two vertebrae the week before- so yeah- he was such a good sport doing these urban senior photos at Memorial Beach!

I live in Healdsburg, so I drive around this area and see this spot of town constantly. It was so fun to be out of the car and exploring in a different way! Funny story- I grew up in Healdsburg, but until I got married to Tim, I had never even been to Memorial Beach! And now we live a 5 minute walk away. I know, it’s silly.

Anyway, both of Brandyn’s parents came along, and I know his Mom well (we both work Windsor Santa with Dan Vallelunga!) so the bad Dad jokes were on fire! All of Brandyn’s smiles were genuine, you just don’t see the eye rolling and head shaking in between takes 😉

I was constantly asking if any pose I had him do hurt him (yep, I am a Mom, too…I couldn’t help it!) but he nailed it all- and with that killer smile! I forget how much I enjoy urban sessions!

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Urban Senior Photos at Memorial Beach Senior guy sitting and standing in wooded area
Urban Senior Photos at Memorial Beach Senior boy in pink shirt at the beach

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