My name is Stephanie Hopkins! I am a Northern California based photographer, specializing in high school senior portraits and wedding photography. 






Wedding Celebration at Chalkboard | Healdsburg, Ca | Stephanie Hopkins Photography

When she first contacted me by email, due to her broken English and my very broken Spanish (at times like these I REALLY wished I had retained more of my Spanish lessons in school!), the message could have been mistaken for spam. I read it back and forth a few times and due to the fact that she mentioned locations in Healdsburg specifically, I decided to respond back. I am SO glad I did! What a wonderful wedding celebration at Chalkboard! The couple and family was a delight to work with! The groom was happy and ready to party, and the bride was so gracious. She repeatedly asked us if we needed anything to drink and what I needed for photos.

They got married the day before in a simple ceremony in their home city, and then had family from all over the world congregate at Chalkboard for a festive celebration! The tables were decorated beautifully, and the music made it hard to stand still! Chalkboard has quite the outdoor space. I told my husband we will have to go back for dinner sometime! There are so many places in Healdsburg I have yet to try…what can I say, I tend to be more of a taqueria girl 🙂 A cute little extra was the kids tables, and the kids were very happy to find their own spot as well!

I think what I loved most was how willing the family was to pose for photos! At most weddings, understandably most guests put up with photos as an obligatory part of the day; this family seemed to line up eagerly! As the room filled more and more as guests arrived, I just kept happily snapping away!

The brides brother and sister-in-law had flown in from Columbia, and we got to chat with them for a bit; we joked that they had seen more of the US than we had, as they have visited Florida on several occasions!

Thank you so much for making my husband and I feel like family, and congrats to both of you!


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