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This winery proposal in Napa Valley was unlike any proposal I had ever shot– ready for this?

Andrew connected with me about a week before the proposal. His girlfriend was coming to Napa from Texas with a group of girlfriends. They had a friend who was running in the San Francisco Marathon, so they decided to make a big weekend out of it and go wine tasting the day before. Andrew found out about this and thought it would be such a fun idea to surprise her to show up there to propose! They had gone ring shopping a few weeks prior, but he told her the ring wouldn’t be ready for a few months and they had a big international vacation planned in October so she just assumed he would do it then. But hey, where would the surprise be in that?

Andrew and I texted and chatted about plans, looked online at the winery website to get an idea of good locations, and then planned to meet up ahead of time that day to walk through logistics. Then his plane flight was delayed! Poor guy didn’t get much rest the night before, so I am sure a glass of wine was sounding REALLY good about then! Anyways, the story gets better! He calls me once he has landed and gotten a car to let me know his ETA, and that was MY ETA! I drove in to park, and he literally drove in right next to me! We joked that the odds of that happening are basically 0 and that it will never happen again! It was so great to meet him face to face, to chat and to find the location and chat about what would work best.

Then he got a text from her friends that there was a ton of traffic and their uber was running late. Andrew was so nervous, so I am so glad we had some time to chat to get to know each other and calm his nerves a bit. Something so sweet was he told me this was his first visit to California, and he was so shocked to drive over the Golden Gate Bridge! I think I sometimes take it for granted since I am in San Francisco often, but to hear him say that when he is happy or excited the first person he wants to share it with is Natalie, but he had to wait so he didn’t spoil the surprise just made my heart melt!

Then came the fun/nervewracking part! The whole group was done with their tasting and was a given a fake tour by one of the people from the winery who was in on the plan. Natalie walked up over the bridge, Andrew turned around, and her face said it all!

It is always so much fun, seeing all the hard work and planning culminating in the moment you have been waiting for! These two were so sweet, kind and I am SO lucky I get to call this my job! Want to see more of my proposal photography? Check out THIS and THIS!

Winery Proposal in Napa Valley Winery Proposal in Napa Valley Winery Proposal in Napa Valley Winery Proposal in Napa Valley


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